Managing Offers

The site admin can manage Offers from the back end. Login to your wordpress dashboard and click on Offers, this will display all available offers published by both the admin and Business owners.

Back-end Offer Creation

As every offer is tied to a Business, a Business owner can’t create offers unless he has a registered Business. In case the admin creates a new offer from the back-end, it will be tied to his Business (if it exists). In case he has created multiple Businesses, then the offer will be tied with his most recent Business. In case he has no Business, the offer won’t be tied to anything.
When we say that an offer is tied to a Business, we mean that when viewing the offer, information from the Business tied into this offer will be displayed in the page sidebar and the page sub-header (more information about the page sidebar, aka Business sidebar, can be found at Businesses->Business sidebar). And the Location and info of the Business tied to this offer will be displayed on the map of the single offer page.